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Christian Growth Institute Classes

Bible Class: Paul's Epistle to the Colossians

Teacher: David Field

Dates: September 25- October 30

Location and time: Fellowship Hall on Sunday at 9AM

Interestingly, of all the epistles that Paul wrote Colossians is his only letter to a church that he did not start.  Epaphras, a native of Colossae, was converted in Ephesus and returned home as a church planter.  The church thrived but came under the influence of "spiritual" members who led others astray by adding legalism and spiritualism. As then also now legalism hardens the soul and spiritualism muddies the truth.  Paul confronts these aberrations decisively and goes on to give them pastoral advice on the Christian living with himself and with others. 

In this class you will 1) read Paul's classic, comprehensive assertion of Christ, 2) study the legalisms and spiritualisms of our day 3) be reinforced as to the absolute sufficiency of Christ in regard to salvation and your daily journey and 4) learn Paul's approach on the mindset of Christians toward themselves and others.   

This is a six week course that gives you Bible, Q&A, class interaction and practical application.  Come join us and invite a friend. 


Christian Living Class: "The 5 Love Languages" based on Gary Chapman's book

Teacher: Mario Abreu

Dates: September 25- October 30

Location and time: Gym on Sunday at 9AM

Do you ever feel like no one understands what makes you feel loved? The things that say "I care about you" seem to either not get said or not get through.

 Join us in this 6 week video Bible study, as #1 New York Times bestselling bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides us in identifying, not only our primary love language, but also the love languages of others.

Come join us and invite a friend.