Date: 20/03/2018
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The Leadership Course, February/March 2018

Course Description

Time and Dates: Sunday evenings, February 4th through March 11th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Purpose: This course shall consist of two primary components: (1) theological training and (2) practical leadership. The theological training shall be designed to give members further grounding in Reformed Theology, while the workshop sessions will be designed to help develop practical ministry skills.

Course Overview: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Although the Holy Spirit is sometimes the forgotten Person of the Trinity, His presence and work is found throughout redemptive history. In this twelve-message series, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson traces the work of the third person of the Trinity through Scripture—from creation to the work of Christ to His dwelling in our hearts today. Along the way, he sheds light on the vital role the Holy Spirit serves. Dr. Ferguson’s goal is to help us know the Holy Spirit as a person, in addition to knowing of His power and work within us.

Those intending to take this course, either for certification as church officer training or as an open elective, must register by February 4th to  be assured course materials. Please register for this course by signing up in the Welcome Station or Central Office or by clicking here. Cost of the course is $25.(may be paid online)