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Thursday, 18 August 2011

What is "Advance"?

Advance is a three-year strategic plan, written by the elders, to expand our ministry in our city, our county, and in the world.

What kinds of plans are in the "Advance" Strategic Plan?

This document primarily contains plans for our main campus here in Brooksville, our world missions emphasis, and our new Church Planting endeavors. It is NOT a restatement of the ministries that Faith Church already does well. Rather, it is a statement of where we need to place future emphasis (thus the name "advance") in order to grow.

When will the Strategic Plan be released?

The Strategic Plan was released on September 18th in church. A full-color edition is currently available in the office. Also, a plain text version is available on our website. See the button on the left of the screen marked "Advance."

How was the Advance Strategic Plan prepared?

The plan was built upon our 2009 3-M purpose statement. The elders then took these three purposes and transformed them into specific goals for our future. These goals were then expanded to include concrete plans to attain the stated goals. The plan will conclude with recommendations for manpower, money, and machines that the elders believe we will likely need in the future.

Why do we need a Strategic Plan at all?

As the old saying goes: If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. The elders do not want to slip into a state of complacency. On the contrary, we view it as our job to stoke the fires of passion for the church--to encourage mission and mobiliation both locally and around the world!


Posted on 08/18/2011 1:39 PM by Matthew Everhard
Friday, 17 December 2010

How Can This Be?

I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered what God is “doing to you” before—say in taking away a job that you loved, or in causing you to lose a relationship that you had really valued; or even by giving you a stress or a burden that you supposed you could not handle—I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered what God is “up to” before, but consider for a moment the plight of Mary.

Everything was going along just fine, she probably thought, until God got involved! Like most young gals, Mary probably had great dreams; dreams of a beautiful traditional wedding. The whole village would gather to celebrate the nuptials of Joseph and herself. Dreams of raising a family. Perhaps raising crops. Starting a business. And then one day, apparently out of nowhere, Mary receives a stunning, beautiful, shocking and upsetting announcement. Mary will conceive, out of full wedlock, and she being a virgin (untouched, innocent, sexually pure) will bear the Messiah. Luke 1:29 says it best, Mary was greatly troubled at these words.

I want to ask a great question. Maybe the greatest question that has ever been asked and certainly one what would plague Mary for those nine months of pregnancy: Why would God see fit to visit humanity by means of a miraculous virgin birth? Or to say it another way, why would God become man at all? I suppose there could have been any number of possibilities for how God could save the world: He could have sent down a fully formed, mature man from the Heavens. He could have taken a normal guy out of any Jerusalem street and “zapped” him into a divine messenger. But no, God chose to become a man himself in order to redeem the world. In this article, I want to ask one of the greatest theological questions that can ever be pondered: Why did God choose to save the world through the incarnation of Christ?

(Read the full article by clicking on the Pastor's Desk button on the left).

Posted on 12/17/2010 9:51 AM by Matthew Everhard
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